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Is humility a learned trait or a code in a persons genetic make-up? Education and enlightenment will eventually lead a mind to its confrontation with the virtue that is humility. At some point during your learning you will be exposed to enough knowledge that it forces you to accept your own insignificance. I suppose from that point on you become conditioned on a sub-conscious level to exhibit the humility trait in appropriate situations. Suffering and destitution provide an easier way of being run-aground on similar shores but since they can be said to provide the service of teaching they really also fall under the category of education. Can a person then ever really be born humble? if so would that not infer to the possibility of isolating a humility gene. Or does an absence of humility consequently describe the presence of an in-adequate education?


I believe that we are somewhere at the threshold of a revolution in art. The next medium in art is through the application of digital illustrator programmes to express the creative ideas lurking within the next few generations. It is like all other shifts in artistic and design values that welcome in a new era of expression. Technology is once again paving the way for progression.

Give it a thought a second, when we first began expressing our desire to fulfill ” an irrational and unconscious burst of cavepainting.jpgcreativity” – Wikipedia – it led to something like the image on the right – courtesy again of Wikipedia -. We advanced our knowledge a bit leading to the discovery that would allow us store the colors we use and have a medium on which to apply them. Then we had oil paints and canvas or wood as is the case with the Mona Lisa. Chances are da Vinci could have been born before there was any sort of oil paint technology or alternately he could have been a sixteen year old kid siting in front of his Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Book? That is where the near future of art lies, the medium of the computer and the computer programme. All that is required for this to happen is a change in the mental attitude with which we approach this phenomenon. Did Picasso give credit to the company that supplied his brushes and his canvas and his paints? The hard drive is the canvas and the software is the paint and brush.

The Technology is still too expensive to be household yet, but we are getting there. There are imaging freeware programmes available that perform the job almost as good as the big brands, the user interface is becoming slicker and more intuitive as a result of competition which is also driving down prices. Processing capabilities are like cockroaches, just multiplying. High-def and other advances will push the limits on the clarity and accuracy with which we can display images and soon even size will seize to be an issue.

A dozen and one more instances could be brought up on how this is going to affect economies and how world markets will change to accommodate demand. But i’ll let the pros do it. I can almost imagine the art galleries and the paper-thin high-def displays with wood frames on which…….


a little re-imagining of the Shell logo and
one view of Shell, the petro-oil company.
A lot of big players will be re-evaluating
identities to reflect the shifting values of society.
The three links just show a progression in design cues.


An Earth day logo because i like earth.

It is said a picture speaks a thousand words, some proverbs do the same thing. Well almost, some of them are a thousand words long. How else would you describe these strings of words that convey such enlightenment? But like jokes, they never seem to stick. I guess it is the message that is truly important and as long as the proverb imparts is knowledge, it has done its job and can move on looking to enlighten the next individual. Although i don’t remember the exact wording of each, which in most cases renders them ineffective for repetition, i still like to think the message manifests itself in some other capacity in my life other than word of mouth.

After recently deciding to browse my medley of proverbs I discovered there was a pretty obvious pattern in their subject matter. The proverbs i realized, mostly deal with an issue that is important to me or they resonate with a personal philosophy. Collectively, all the proverbs i had stored afforded a view of me from a surprisingly different perspective, one i had not previously been privy to.

Proverbial looking-glass perhaps, or just proverbial.

“If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

this blog was just begun, please do not be discouraged.
i am currently organizing and optimizing the flow of information contained within.
put a hold on your damn judgement untill it’s complete
then decide on it’s relevance.


All jokes aside

how can light and darkness exist in the same place at the same time? .......close one eye

Asides on…

- 'The Devil In The White City' by Erik Larson. Architect, Serial Killer, History, Non-fiction.
- 'The Blank Slate' by Steve Pinker.
- Bernay's Propaganda
- 'Quantum Pshycology' RAW
- 'A Confederacy of Dunces' J.K.Toole
- 'Infinate Jest' D.F.Wallace
- 'The Budos Band' - The Budos Band
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