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I take consolation in the fact that i breathe oxygen.

…..Its that thought that keeps me going.


i love mindless work,

it gives the mind time to ponder the important things in life.

whatever those might be.

Science is evident in the physical / Philosophy is evident in the mental.

Science is logical / Philosophy is random

Science is sequential / Philosophy is intuitive

Science is rational / Philosophy is holistic

Science is analytical / Philosophy is synthesizing

Science is objective / Philosophy is subjective

Science looks at parts / Philosophy looks at wholes

Science provides the medium / Philosophy provides the map

Science provides many answers / Philosophy is the template through which those and any answers are applied


All jokes aside

how can light and darkness exist in the same place at the same time? .......close one eye

Asides on…

- 'The Devil In The White City' by Erik Larson. Architect, Serial Killer, History, Non-fiction.
- 'The Blank Slate' by Steve Pinker.
- Bernay's Propaganda
- 'Quantum Pshycology' RAW
- 'A Confederacy of Dunces' J.K.Toole
- 'Infinate Jest' D.F.Wallace
- 'The Budos Band' - The Budos Band
- 'Silent Movie' - Quiet Village
- 'u're a woman, i'm a machine' - DFA1979
- 'Diary of an Afro Warrior' - Benga
- 'Skylon' - Ott
- 'Antidotes' - The Foals
- 'Last Days of Gravity' - Younger Brother
- 'third' by Portishead
- 'walking backwards' - Clutchy Hopkins
- 'Los Angeles' - Flying Lotus
- 'Peaceblaster' - STS9
- 'Nothing Lasts but Nothing is Lost' - Shpongle