Branding is the culture of the future.

         Branding that connects on a deeper level tends to do so as a result of the product being marketed.


I agree with one of the above statements. I can imagine a situation where every brand in circulation today suddenly doesn’t exist and see that branding is just as much a natural evolution of capitalism as the evolution of taste in music or the giving of names to accurately identify individuals. One can conversely say that the need to store information is a reflection of the propensity with which evolution stores information. The basic principles that underline the operations of our global society are guided by the sopistication and accuracy of our information distribution systems which are relatively, a crude replica of the information superautobahn that is our body. It becomes less risible then how, unlike the meticulous note taker that is evolution, humans species as a whole have done a piss poor job of storing our histories and factoring that knowledge in our decision making on every base level. A cursory glance at the landscape that is current scientific advancement and our collective human history will reveal everything and nothing. A lot about us slowly begins to make more sense. We were either premature or woefully late in crowning the Information Age.