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life has a habit of taking on a life of it’s own.


Destiny is a set of occurrences that seem predetermined, particularly in hindsight, but are, outside of the narrow context of the destined and destination, the culmination or outcome of influences initiated by both intentional and unintentional actions that predicate a connected series of systematic, directed but all together unseen cause-and-effect mechanisms.

As the dude abides

His character is painted fickle

But he’s got so many sides

He draws a steady circle

I take consolation in the fact that i breathe oxygen.

…..Its that thought that keeps me going.

this blog was just begun, please do not be discouraged.
i am currently organizing and optimizing the flow of information contained within.
put a hold on your damn judgement untill it’s complete
then decide on it’s relevance.


All jokes aside

how can light and darkness exist in the same place at the same time? .......close one eye

Asides on…

- 'The Devil In The White City' by Erik Larson. Architect, Serial Killer, History, Non-fiction.
- 'The Blank Slate' by Steve Pinker.
- Bernay's Propaganda
- 'Quantum Pshycology' RAW
- 'A Confederacy of Dunces' J.K.Toole
- 'Infinate Jest' D.F.Wallace
- 'The Budos Band' - The Budos Band
- 'Silent Movie' - Quiet Village
- 'u're a woman, i'm a machine' - DFA1979
- 'Diary of an Afro Warrior' - Benga
- 'Skylon' - Ott
- 'Antidotes' - The Foals
- 'Last Days of Gravity' - Younger Brother
- 'third' by Portishead
- 'walking backwards' - Clutchy Hopkins
- 'Los Angeles' - Flying Lotus
- 'Peaceblaster' - STS9
- 'Nothing Lasts but Nothing is Lost' - Shpongle