Destiny is a set of occurrences that seem predetermined, particularly in hindsight, but are, outside of the narrow context of the destined and destination, the culmination or outcome of influences initiated by both intentional and unintentional actions that predicate a connected series of systematic, directed but all together unseen cause-and-effect mechanisms.

What a novel idea; a cartoon that exists by entertaining the viewers with their own stupidity. Topics are not short in that department. Who says stupidity is not good for anything. The lifestyles of the rich and the famous have always been glorified, why not lifestyles of the uneducated and ignorant? As for the middleman, both polar sides exist to provide him with nourishment that will allow for an existence of great tepidity. Which inturn provides the nourishment for the existence of the everyone else. There is of course one more group that is excluded from this perpetual cycle of the mechanization that makes thier world grow round. Those trying to break the cycle without stopping the growth. Those deluded kooks who are never happy with anything. 



As the dude abides

His character is painted fickle

But he’s got so many sides

He draws a steady circle

All the thought
that ever’s been wrought
count for naught
in a mind unsought

die Kultur is sheep jumping over a non-existent fence.

Living in a green house with tianted windows
The shadows are a comfort
The comfort, a shadow of its former self.

Man is only as strong as his emotions. How much we feel is directly related to the significance we attach to an occurrence that would elicit an emotional response. The greater the significance to us the more powerful our emotional response, regardless of our inner strength. In other words, if an event does not bring you to tears then you do not have enough emotional significance attached or invested in it.

I have been thinking about what it means to be omnipotent, having the power to do whatever you want. The power to suppress indefinitely any feelings of joy or love or sadness or even guilt. If a decision is made to suppress emotion would that not imply a greater set of rules apply that would still necessitate an adherance to?

Then again, what would be the point of having any emotions existing if all desired outcomes are maintained independent of emotions. They become a mere redundancy.

are emotions then an experiment? or a gift to biological robots?

that would also mean the essence of the feeling we call guilt, love, happiness, or any emotion for that matter,  is part of our fabric of existence. If an omnipotent being can feel guilt, is there then a limit to its ability? an ability that is restrained by the force of all its emotions.

If a decision is required and emotions are involved what guarantee is there that the right decision will be made?

So in certain situations, emotions need to be suppressed so the right course of action can be taken.

Let us then call this process of supressing emotions an on/off switch that acts outside of and independent of the emotions being felt.

If this omnipotent being can suppress all emotions, would that not in effect make it a robot?

And if this omnipotent robot can have an emotional on/off switch, what rules would dictate when that switch is used? other than the perceived randomness associated with the mechanism of the nature of all things.

Would not a switch then exist for the rules that govern the use of the emotional on/off switch?

the perfect system would then require an endless number of switches each to control the next. This is one definition of infinite. going down that path as far as our knowledge is concerned is like entering a black hole, you are never coming back.

So this omnipotent being decides to create a universe. Prior to that however beings called angels had been created and had existed with the omnipotent and who undoubtedly were well aware of his presence and consequently his almighty power.

But for some reason, this omnipotent being failed to install the emotional and all other switches in these angels. Perhaps because it would have taken forever and the omnipotent would still be busy installing them right now.

Either that or all of the infinite number of switches were installed at the snap of a finger, and in that particular moment the term ‘infinite’ ceased to exist. Therefore the term ‘omnipotent’ ceases to exist. That would be because the terms ‘omnipotent’ and ‘infinite’ cannot both exist in the same universe. Omnipotent can only exist outside of infinite and vice versa which would make the omnipotent less than omnipotent, extremely powerful certainly but less than omnipotent.

There could exist a finite number of switches that would be necessary to achieve an almost absolute control over all switches, but the probability would still remain, no matter how minute, that an emotion could influence a decision when it shouldn’t. Given an infinite amount of time, it will. Anyway, as far as omnipotent is concerned, that is not good enough.

so these angles without switches were busy doing whatever it is they were doing where ever it is they might have been doing it. An angel without a switch would mean two things i) they were robots or ii) they were just as an emotional bunch as you and i.

If these AWoS are robots and not in the sense they are made out of metal but in that they do not sleep nor waste their time on frivolous diversions. They are efficient, organized, do not behave irrationally, have no need for sustenance and most importantly they do not have any emotions.

These AWoS would also have been uploaded with complete undertstanding of almost everything there is to know. If they were not, then why? or were they also given the capacity to learn and why?

If these AWoS are robots doing whatever it is they where designed and created to do and having all the knowledge in the universe, especially the knowledge of their vincibilty, they would never rise up against their creator.

It is possible that with the creation of and introduction of biological entities, lets call them humes, and all the inherent weaknesses and emotional baggage that come attached, some of these AWoS were naturally inclined to coldly calculate impacts, especially the impact of possibly having humes introduced into their environment or more importantly the sort of environment their creator exists in.

An impact in this case would certainly be present because emotion is being introduced into an environment where there was previously none. If humes are introduced into the environment without their inherent emotions, do they not then become robots?

A couple of questions arise at this juncture, why did not all AWoS come to the same conclusions? were those that did flawed or had they evolved? why did not all evolve?

Each AWoS had its purpose, and those that related in closer proximity with the omnipotent were by default more advanced or privy to data others did not have.

Therefore the knowledge of humes possibly being introduced into that environment, set in motion the inevitable calculations, permutations and combinations within a select few.

Other questions need to be addressed at this point; were some AWoS given free will, the prerogative to act in the most beneficial or least harmful manner by directives issued to them through any series of calculations?

Otherwise with complete free will, what is to stop any AWoS from doing what it decides.

Of-course there is the possibility that with AWoS given complete free will combined with absolute knowledge in what they are, their universe and who the omnipotent is, there could exist a sustainable and permanent balance in all the relationships within that environment.(A balance that could be thrown off with the introduction of emotion.) Any AWoS attempting to go against the omnipotent, given all that it knows, would seem rather improbable.

An angel having emotions, free will and complete knowledge that goes against the being is much easier to understand due to the unpredictability factor introduced into the system by having ’emotions’.

Why would the omnipotent create something so flawed and fallible with the potential of being stupid so close to itself?

In both situations, what reason would both the AWoS and ‘angels having emotions’ have for acting against the being if they were neither flawed nor just plain stupid?

some bit of knowledge that would have led them to believe in either themselves or the fallibility and vulnerabilty of the omnipotent?

For the AWoS, it might be the enlightenment that comes with knowing why they have no emotions or the knowledge of what an introduction of inherent biological weaknesses of entities with emotions would do to the environment of the omnipotent. That insight might also have led to the knowledge that the omnipotent is not so omnipotent.

For angels that have emotions? well who knows, we are still trying to figure that one out. Maybe they really were just plain stupid.

FREEMAN, the greatest super hero the world has ever seen, with the amazing ability to do whatever he wills. He can: be as strong as Superman, quick as Flash, hot as the Torch, green as Hulk, as useless as Aquaman, slow as a turtle, smart as Aristotle, artistic like Michelangelo, greedy as Enron, silent as a lady’s fart, attractive like Halle Berry, cool as Jules Winnfield, sing like a bird, teleport his arse, read your mind, be himself, grow a bigger dick, develop some tits, materialize a tree, make some change, be indifferent, heal himself, not heal himself, make money, post pictures of his ex online, feed the starving, clothe the poor, make it snow in West Africa, pollute the waters, clean the air, rape children, turn to steel, go back in time, jump to the future, direct the greatest movie, write the most heartfelt novel, complain and bitch, turn the other cheek, cast the first stone, go hungry, win the Nobel, destroy the UN, nuke Iran, buy whatever he wants, steal whatever he wants, never wear a suit, bring back the dodo, spend eternity on WoW, planet hop, stick a ‘digg this’ button on his site, answer any question, transform into a petunia, remain ignorant, clone a sheep, make a baby, abort a baby, host a talk show, marry a panda, divorce, bully, hunt deer, watch TV, act the fool, get a job, beat an old lady, trade some stocks, keep track of technology, soar like an eagle, be a farmer, download music, disregard these words, help his neighbour, steal his neighbour’s wife, smoke some weed, snort some crack, feel like he is on crack just by thinking about it, fuck a cow, wear a diaper, make the biggest rubber band ball, be humble, take advantage of, allow himself to be humiliated, wear Armani, go shopping naked, promote propaganda, be a victim, chew some gum, turn water to wine, pause the universe, have naughty thoughts, jump out of a black hole, roast marsh-mellows on the sun, change the status of a heavenly body, go on a fast, drink the ocean, die, resurrect, be a saint…

‘not that i can’t, i choose not to’

with great freedom come great responsibilities. are we ready for him?

I take consolation in the fact that i breathe oxygen.

…..Its that thought that keeps me going.

i love mindless work,

it gives the mind time to ponder the important things in life.

whatever those might be.

All jokes aside

how can light and darkness exist in the same place at the same time? .......close one eye

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